AI in Pharma Summit 2018

Cutting Through the Hype to Successful Implementation and Impactful ROI

Boston, MA. October 9th, 2018 – The State Room

Key Features of AI in Pharma 2018


Where is AI Moving the Needle?

Understand how and where AI is having a genuine impact on R&D through use-case presentations at the cutting-edge of defining AI’s impact in pharma


Critical Strategic Discussions

Managing expectations, Demonstrating value internally, Responsibility of C-suite, Data infrastructure, Where to invest efforts and more will all be deciphered and analyzed


Senior-Level Networking

Meet with decision-makers and AI champions in this intimate and high-quality setting to generate genuinely impactful connections and takeaways

Members of the AI in Pharma Summit Community

Expert Speaker Faculty

Vaibhav Narayan

Vice President, Research & Therapeutic Area, IT, Janssen

Vaibhav is currently Vice President of Research IT at Janssen Pharmaceuticals LLC. where he is responsible for programs that utilize data, analytics and digital health technologies to transform research innovation capabilities across Janssen R&D. Vaibhav also holds the position of Head, Integrated Solutions, Janssen Neuroscience. In this role, Vaibhav is leading efforts to develop technology-enabled solutions for early detection, disease monitoring and relapse prediction in Alzheimer’s Disease, Major Depressive Disorders and Schizophrenia.

Kim Branson

Head of AI, Genentech Early Clinical Development Informatics, Genentech

Kim has been involved in large scale machine learning and medical informatics initiatives for over 15 years, over a range of ventures from computational drug design to disease risk prediction. He is currently the head of Artificial Intelligence for the Informatics department of Early Clinical Development at Genentech. Recently, he served as Chief Data Scientist at Lumiata, a predictive health analytics company. Kim received degrees from the University of Adelaide, and a PhD from the University of Melbourne (Australia). He was a Peter Doherty fellow and received postdoctoral training at the University of Cambridge and Stanford University. He then held leadership and consulting roles in the pharmaceutical and medical informatics industry, notably at Vertex. Following this, Kim worked extensively in online search at Discovery Engine (acquired by Twitter in 2009) and health informatics at Gliimpse (acquired by Apple in 2017).

John Baldoni

SVP, Head of In Silico Drug Discovery, GSK

John Baldoni is Senior Vice President, In silico Drug Discovery, in GSK Pharma R&D. This department employs in silico methods to identify patient needs, explore molecular interventions to address those needs and design and conduct clinical trials to test the medical hypothesis. Using these methodologies, the conventional empirical design make test cycle will be dramatically reduced. The intent is to discover medicines at higher velocity and with greater precision compared to current approaches. John is also Co-chair of ATOM, a public private partnership to advance the methodologies used to discover oncology medicines and put them in the public domain.

Jaquie Finn

Head of Digital Health, Cambridge Consultants

Jaquie is Head of Digital Health at Cambridge Consultants and leads the initiative to provide strategic guidance and practical support for clients transitioning their business model to include a digital element. These digital elements include device connectivity, data science, launch strategies, behavioural science and digital service design.

Jaquie has a BSc in Applied Biology, 10 years’ experience in Molecular Biology and 15 years’ experience of Product Management and Marketing for software, hardware and digital services in medical and life science industries that include immunology, ophthalmology, neuroscience and bioinformatics. Jaquie has also worked in telecommunications, food hygiene and intelligence informatics.

Jaquie is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

Nora Khaldi

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Nuritas

Dr Nora Khaldi is the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Nuritas, a groundbreaking tech company that accelerates medicine discovery using artificial intelligence (AI). Nora is a mathematician with a PhD in molecular evolution and has successfully led teams around the world in areas such as computational genomics and bioinformatics.

Vijay Bulusu

Head, Digital & Data Innovation, Pfizer

Sebastien Lefebvre

Senior Director, Data Analytics & Decision Support, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Recently joined the Alexion Data Sciences team to drive the orphan diseases knowledge base (data strategy & analytics) delivering drug target landscapes for R&D Strategy and clinical asset landscapes for Business Development deal flow. Currently working with children hospitals on a rare disease diagnostics playbook and algorithms. Prior to this, he built the Alexion EDM, Data Analytics & Decision Support capabilities which delivered MDM, Search, Content Analytics and a cloud-based data computing environment where the Data Science team and its external partners collaborate. Past roles include Head of Global Data Office at Biogen and Head of Global R&D Information Architecture practice at AstraZeneca.

Slava Akmaev

Senior Vice President & Chief Analytics Officer, Berg Health

Pierre Leurent, CEO and founder of VOLUNTIS, has more than 19 years of international experience in digital health in the United States and Europe. Voluntis’ mission is to improve the real-world value of therapies by providing patients and clinicians with therapeutic companion software. Its clinical-grade, regulatory-cleared mobile and cloud solutions embed advanced real-time decision support algorithms to enable patients to better manage their treatment in remote collaboration with their healthcare team. Prior to starting Voluntis in 2001, Pierre worked at GE Medical Systems, where he took part in the development of medical imaging software. He also occupied several positions at HealthCenter Internet Services, a San Francisco-based vendor of electronic medical record solutions.

Pat Walters

Vice President, Computation, Relay Therapeutics

Pat Walters is VP of Computation at Relay Therapeutics in Cambridge, MA. His group focuses on novel applications of computational methods that integrate computer simulations and experimental data to provide insights that drive drug discovery programs. Prior to joining Relay, Pat spent more than 20 years at Vertex Pharmaceuticals where he was Global Head of Modeling & Informatics.

Sam Genway

Principal AI Solutions Engineer, Tessella

Sam helps organizations exploit innovations in artificial intelligence and develop novel capabilities. Working across drug discovery, clinical development and pharmaceutical manufacturing, he identifies transformative opportunities for data-driven decision-making, automation and development of disruptive approaches using technologies in artificial intelligence. As well as leading technical solutions in artificial intelligence projects, Sam develops and delivers training to businesses to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, and enhance their internal capabilities.

Rachel Sha

Vice President, Digital Business Development, Sanofi

Rachel Sha is the Vice President of Digital Business Development & Licensing at Sanofi. She leads a team of business development professionals in partnering, from identification to closing, across therapeutic areas and use cases in digital health with the goal of discovering, developing, and bringing to market solutions that improve outcomes, experience, at reduced costs. Companies she has led partnering deals with in digital include Verily Life Sciences, Science 37, and Evidation Health. Additionally, she serves on the Life Sciences Council of Springboard Enterprises which is focused on supporting women-led companies grow and expand.

Don Van Dyke

Chief Operating Officer, Cloud Pharmaceuticals

Don Van Dyke is Chief Operating Officer at Cloud Pharmaceuticals. In his early career, he held increasingly responsible general management, business development, and executive positions at American Hospital Supply, Dade Diagnostics, Eastman Kodak and Millipore Corporation.

Van Dyke's work at the intersection of biological science and computer science began at startup Bio Image Corporation. The company became the market leader in image-based genomics and proteomics under his leadership as VP sales, VP worldwide marketing and sales, general manager, and CEO. The company merged with another firm and went public on the NASDAQ.

He has had executive roles at Molecular Mining Corporation, a life science data mining company and INCOGEN, a Bioinformatics company and has advised more than a dozen start-ups and government agencies. He has been a speaker at the Mason School of Business at the College of William and Mary and the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina and is a graduate of Duke University.

Tom Rush

Global Head, Platform Biology Automation, GSK | CSO, ATOM

Emmet Browne

Chief Executive Officer, Nuritas

Emmet holds 25+ years senior experience in some of the world’s largest Life-Science companies such as Pfizer, JNJ & Wyeth. He is well on the way making Nuritas the world’s largest discoverer of bioactive peptides and thus positively impacting global human health on a huge scale.

Chantelle Kiernan

Director, Life Sciences, Nuritas

Dr. Chantelle Kiernan joined Nuritas in 2018 as Director of Lifesciences having spent almost 18 years working across a variety of Lifesciences sectors. In her last role as Senior Scientific Advisor for IDA, she was integral in securing multi-million strategic research investments for Ireland from the world’s largest Biologics, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device multinationals. In her current role, she seeks to continue her collaboration with large Pharma, with an objective to accelerate the practical adoption of AI to facilitate industry in their discovery of novel bioactive therapeutics. As an immunologist by background, Chantelle held a Post-Doctoral fellowship in Harvard University, Boston for several years and has recently completed a MSc in International Business Law.

Lawrence Ganti

CEO, Americas, Innoplexus

Lawrence Ganti is CEO|Americas of Innoplexus, an artificial intelligence based data analytics firm specializing in the lifesciences. Prior to joining Innoplexus, Lawrence spent 15 years leading teams across functions and geographies in the Pharmaceutical industry. He also worked as a research associate for McKinsey & Company and holds an MBA from IMD in Switzerland and a Bachelors from Babson College in the United States.

Birgit Schoeberl

Global Head, Modelling & Simulation, PK Sciences, Novartis

Dr. Birgit Schoeberl currently serves as a Global Head of Modeling and Simulation, PK Sciences at Novartis. Before joining Novartis, Birgit served as interim Senior Vice President, Scientific Value, at GNS Healthcare. During her time at GNS, she focused on applying causal machine learning to drug development. Prior to GNS, she was a member of the founding team at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals and where she spent over 12 years in different roles. In her latest role as Head of Discovery and Early Development, she gained broad experience in oncology drug discovery and development. Birgit and her leadership team were responsible for multiple preclinical and early clinical programs.

Birgit received her Chemical Engineering degree from the Technical University in Karlsruhe, Germany, and her Ph.D. in Biological Engineering from the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems in Magdeburg. She was a post-doctoral fellow in the laboratories of Douglas Lauffenburger and Peter Sorger in the Biological Engineering Department at MIT.


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8:00    Registration, Breakfast & Networking
AI in Pharma: Cutting Through the Hype to Realization

Adoption of AI has been well underway in pharma over the last few years but critical discussions remain about how to best implement AI and extract the maximum amount of insights and value. This opening session will take a critical look at the strategic discussions and decisions that need to be made pharma to realize the full potential of AI. Utilise this session to go beyond the hype of AI in pharma and drill into the largest challenges and opportunities that face these applications today.

9:00     Chairman’s Opening Remarks & Setting the Scene

Sebastien Lefebvre, Senior Director, Data Analytics & Decision Support, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

9:10    Keynote Presentation: Title to be Announced

John Baldoni, SVP, Head of In Silico Drug Discovery, GSK

09:35    Building the Digital Ecosystem Required for Tomorrow’s Clinical Trials

Jaquie Finn, Head, Digital Health, Cambridge Consultants

10:00    Panel Discussion and Open Q&A: Implementation to Realization – How do we Accelerate AI Through its Lifecycle in Pharma?

Birgit Schoeberl, Global Head, Modelling & Simulation, PK Sciences, Novartis
Vaibhav Narayan, Vice President, Research & Therapeutic Area IT, Janssen
Tom Rush, Global Head, Platform Biology Automation, GSK  | CSO, ATOM

10:40    Morning Refreshments & Networking
Use Case Presentation I: Where is AI Moving the Needle?

AI holds huge promise in drug discovery and development but genuine examples of where these approaches are having an impact today remain sparse. This set of case-study presentations will showcase some of the most promising areas where AI is making an impact along the pharma workflow. Utilise these examples to understand how success has been achieved in these areas and what’s next for these promising research applications.

11:10    Use Case 1: Integrating Protein Motion and Machine Learning into the Drug Discovery Workflow

Pat Walters, Vice President, Computation, Relay Therapeutics

11:35    Use Case 2: The Use of AI in Early Clinical Development

Kim Branson, Head of A.I, Early Clinical Development Informatics, Genentech

12:00    Use Case 3: In Silico Predictions & In Vivo Correlations: The importance of Data Quality and Integrity in Driving AI empowered Discovery

Nora Khaldi, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Nuritas

12:25    Use Case 4: Can we Accelerate the Adoption of AI in Pharma by Learning from Experience in other Industries?

Sam Genway, Principal AI Solutions Engineer, Tessella

12:50    Long-Table Lunch & Networking
Interactive Workshops

During these intimate breakout sessions, attendees will discuss some of the key questions surrounding AI and machine learning in pharma. Through deep-dive discussions, examples and peer-to-peer learning, these interactive workshops will allow attendees to uncover answers to questions that are not possible through presentations and panels… The topics in session A and B will remain the same;  giving you the opportunity to participate in two sessions. You are spoilt for choice!

1:50    Workshop Sessions A:
Workshop 1A:
AI in Pharma 101
Workshop 2A:
Collaborating to Accelerate Drug Discovery: Lessons for Pharma and the Promise of AI in the Discovery of Next-Generation Therapeutics?

Emmet Browne, Chief Executive Officer, Nuritas
Chantelle Kiernan, Director, Life Sciences, Nuritas

Workshop 3A:
Practical & Relevant applications of Artificial Intelligence

Lawrence Ganti, Chief Executive Officer, Americas, Innoplexus

2:30    Workshop Sessions B: Time to Switch!
Workshop 1B:
AI in Pharma 101
Workshop 2B:
Collaborating to Accelerate Drug Discovery: Lessons for Pharma and the Promise of AI in the Discovery of Next-Generation Therapeutics?

Emmet Browne, Chief Executive Officer, Nuritas
Chantelle Kiernan, Director, Life Sciences, Nuritas

Workshop 3B:
Practical & Relevant applications of Artificial Intelligence

Lawrence Ganti, Chief Executive Officer, Americas, Innoplexus

3:10    Afternoon Refreshments
Use Case Presentations II: Where is AI Moving the Needle?

AI holds huge promise in drug discovery and development but genuine examples of where these approaches are having an impact today remain sparse. This set of case-study presentations will showcase some of the most promising areas where AI is making an impact along the pharma workflow. Utilise these examples to understand how success has been achieved in these areas and what’s next for these promising research applications.

4:05    Use Case 5: Deep Learning Applied to Crystal Structural Imaging

Vijay Bulusu, Head, Data & Digital Innovation, Pfizer

Looking Ahead and Critical Questions

With many learnings from this summit and a vast number of options moving forward, it is crucial that pharma takes a critical look at how to utilize AI moving forward. This closing panel session will focus on the crucial questions pharma needs to ask itself and collaborators in relation to where and how to best invest efforts and resources. Utilize this session to finalize genuine takeaways from the event around the crucial challenges/opportunities that remain.

4:30    Panel Discussion and Open Q&A: How and Where Should we Invest our Efforts Moving Forward?

Don Van Dyke, Chief Operating Officer, Cloud Pharmaceuticals
Slava Akmaev, Senior Vice President & Chief Analytics Officer, Berg Health
Kim Branson, Head of A.I, Early Clinical Development Informatics, Genentech
Rachel Sha, Vice President, Digital Business Development, Sanofi

5:10    Chair’s Closing Remarks

Sebastien Lefebvre, Senior Director, Data Analytics & Decision Support, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

5:20    Drinks Reception
6:20    Close of 2nd Annual AI in Pharma Summit

The Venue

The AI in Pharma Summit takes place in the inspiring State Room, situated on the 33rd Floor of the Sixty State Street skyscraper in downtown Boston.

Panoramic windows, mahogany floors and state of the art lighting ensure that this purpose built venue will enhance your learning experience.

We’ve worked closely with our caterers to ensure you have everything you need for the day. From brain fuel at the innovation breakfast to relaxing drinks at the end of the day, everything is designed to enhance your experience.

Accommodation is not available at the venue, but there is a wide variety of hotels within short walking distance.

Full details of the venue location, hotels, catering and travel will be included in your registration pack.



The 2017 summit exceeded all expectations and the 2018 summit is attracting considerable interest.

The success of the 2017 summit was down to the high-class programme and the quality of the audience. Registrations were only accepted from applicants who were appropriate for the summit and delegates from vendor companies were not permitted.

This ensured that the audience of senior decision makers were able to meet with a selected group of relevant suppliers. Our 2017 sponsors tell us that they made significant inroads into target companies and advanced their sales pipelines.

For further information, or to have an informal discussion regarding sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sam Confino on 020 3865 9002 or

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